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At the LivingRoom we believe that making and sharing art encourages community development and well-being for everyone - including our local businesses! So, every month we will be featuring a Durham Region business as a studio sponsor, and using art and creativity to help our community understand who they are and how the services and products they offer make a difference in their lives.


Interested in Sponsoring the LivingRoom for a month? Email us today! Let the studio help connect you with our community in a truly unique way, helping to increase your business's brand visibility, extend the reach of your online presence, inform the public about what matters to you, and spark relationships with people that can benefit from the work you do!



Our Latest Sponsor - KIMBO Design


Kimbo Design


We can't lie. We love Kim Pickett. At our Secret Art Sale this past June, Kim took time to skype in from Vancouver to surprise our community by announcing a donation of $3000 to the LivingRoom project - but this isn't the only reason why we're head over heels for her! Kim understands that making art matters, and knows firsthand how Art can be used to transform lives.


Kim was born and raised in Oshawa. She's a graduate of Monsignor Paul Dwyer Catholic High School, where she was taught by Steve Longauer (one of theLivingRoom's founding board members). She took the love of Art that was sparked in her there, and went on to create KIMBO Design Inc., an award-winning design firm based out of Vancouver, BC, of which she is creative principle. As creative director there, she produces effective, innovative campaigns executed with a clean and elegant signature style. Her work informs and inspires thousands of people everyday in ways that many other artists can only imagine. She's passionate, and committed to supporting our creative community. When we invited her to share some of her thoughts about being an artist in Canada, here is what she shared with us!


Kim Pickett

1. What do you love most about being an artist?
I love that I can make a living through creativity. I'm passionate about what I do, and I get paid for it. I consider myself a "new age artist," the type of artist that sells ideas to people and provokes changes in their behaviour.

2. What do you like least about working in the creative field?
Doing business in the creative sector is a huge gamble, suitable only for the brave and slightly reckless. It's very competitive and can be stressful at times, but oddly enough, the stress is often what fuels my creative process. The more pressure that I'm under, the more effectively I can create.

3. What obstacles did you face in getting to where you are today, and how did you overcome them?
Running a creative shop comes with many challenges. Funding and hiring were two main obstacles that I had to overcome. I switched my banking over to BMO Bank of Montreal, which advocates for entrepreneurial women. They are able to support me with the exact services I need as a small business.

Human Resources was always an obstacle. KIMBO Design is not big enough to have an in-house HR manager, so I always had to hire outside resources. These external resources have consistently led me in the wrong direction, so now I read books and take leadership courses, in order to make informed HR decisions on my own.

4. What was the best advice you received when first starting out?
I learned to make decisions quickly and confidently. My advice is to build yourself up through self-promotion and networking. Establishing a good reputation is critical when starting out.

5. What advice would you give to members of our community wanting to embrace their inner artist, and perhaps even pursue it as a career?
There are many ups and downs in the creative industry, and you have to become especially resilient. Be sure to network at every opportunity and explore many different ways to express yourself creatively. It also helps to seek a mentor that has successfully made a creative career work, so that you can learn how to deal with obstacles from someone who has been in similar scenarios.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Kim, and for helping the LivingRoom provide a space where art makers of all kinds can come together to do just that!

If you want to learn more about Kim Pickett, and KIMBO Design Inc., visit








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