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Little Art Big Difference

Our Amazing Contributors

The LivingRoom is once again bringing together artists and celebrities from across Canada and the United States to showcase their original art pieces for our Fourth Annual Little Art, Big Difference Secret Art Sale on June 15, 2017! Last year we had more than 200 original works of art donated to raise money for the LivingRoom Community Art Studio, and this year we're on track to break 250! Here is our list of returning artists and exciting newcomers for this year's sale.


And to those artist who have submitted art to this year's sale - sometimes in all the excitemnt of the art pouring in we miss a name or a link where people can find your work online. Sorry about that. If you are not on this list and should be or if you need something added or corrected, please email us and we'll get it fixed right away!



Kira Beaudoin
Monique Bedard (Aura)
Ann Bell  
Rita Benson  
Conrad Bergschneider  
Kystyna Borkowska  
Jenna Broderick
Laura Brown
Dane Bull
Elizabeth Campbell  
Allison Clayton
Dani Crosby
Laura Cullie
Rhonda Davey
Jeff Davis
Gianluca de Gennaro
Ann Marie Deluca
Leah Dietrich
Quinn Doherty  
Dar Dowling
Moustaffa Elbanhtori
Amy England
Kathleen Finley  
Brandon Forsyth  
Steve Frank  
Margaret Franklin
Theresa Garcia  
Tammy Gay
Kebbie Gibb
Sarah Greenall  
Anne Marie Greenwood
Gary Greenwood
Nicole Henn  
Mark Huisman and Claire Francis Muir
Rosemary Hynne
Kathryn Immonen
Stuart Immonen
Jacquie Jacobs
Chala Kahan  
Guy Kettlehack
Noel C. Kinkela  
John Krohnert
Julia Lamb!art/qlxx9
Shannon Leigh  
Anna Lerer
Dana K. Love  
Chalda Maloff
Jacqueline Noel Manuel  
Luke Marinkovich
Keith Marlowe
Nikki Maxwell  
Denise MacLean
Dave McKay
Alexander Might  
Cindy Milford  
Peter Mix
Jorge Molina
Kirk Morgenegg
Megan Nowick  
Rosemary Oliver
Samantha Ouellette  
Barbara Pyle
Nicholas Brent Rapley
Yvonne Reindel
Deb Reynolds  
Margaret Rodgers
Danielle Sciara
Jason Seder
Tony Shenderovich
Dorian Shorts
Pete Smith
Jeffrey Snape!__jeffrey-snape
Benjamin Snawder  
Ann Cecile Sterman ​
Brittney Sutherland  
Take Art by Storme & Thomas & Associates  
Grant Thomas
Amy Tipper  
Ann TIpper  
Marko Tomassetti
Alisa Tyson
Kelly Watt  
Christine Weatherly
Rebecca Weller  
Marilyn Whitbread
Tom Yeo Tom Yeo article